About The Design Assassin

In A Nutshell

Mixed breed by nature, mixed media by preference. I dabble in a variety of arts and creative, rather than specialising in just one form of media. Some may argue that that makes one a jack of all trades, but a master of none. This is untrue if your talents and experience lie in many areas, and I say variety is the spice of life. So far it’s worked in my favour.

Having worked much of the last decade and a half in music, publishing & media, I tend to complete projects for a variety of industries – mostly involving writing, web and print design. Usual clients of late include the Music, Acting/Performance, Arts and Hospitality industries.

Teaching others comes naturally, so producing video content for learning and tutorials has been a natural progression. Also a service that is more frequently requested as technology improves in speed and ability.

I love the discovery of new things.
Technology, pop culture, trends. Melding of new with old styles and techniques.
Reinventing the wheel. Or merely just making it better.

Be it fleeting moments captured on film; digital imagery burnt into pixels; text for an article; words for a wall; or the construction of works for wearability. Finding solutions to creative conundrums and making something from start to finish is part of the joy.

All it takes is a whiff of the creative urge to Kick Start My Art.
The Design Assassin: Creative by Instinct. Different by Design.


Mobile/Device Visit Share for Larger Ecommerce Sites (Q1 2013, Monetate) ➨

Mobile/Device Visit Share for Larger Ecommerce Sites (Q1 2013, Monetate) ➨

Why choose The Design Assassin?

These days technology changes so fast, bringing with it a wave of new ways of doing things. It has meant that people can now access the world wide web almost anywhere – in ways that no longer require them to be tied to a desk even. As the chart to the left shows, things like browsing websites and doing online shopping is becoming more and more popular from mobile devices like tablets and phones.

Knowledge is power. And knowing how to effectively market and present your offerings to the world in ways that embrace the use of these newer technologies will only maximise your chances of success. Is your online presence capable of reaching those on mobile devices?

Each project is unique. Each client is unique and so are their needs. Many places try to offer a ‘one size fits all’ remedy. Sure, this may work for some as a quick solution – until you realise your project looks just like a thousand others out there.

Short of dressing like a clown and juggling chainsaws to get attention, this approach is not really the best way to stand out from a crowd in an already over-populated market place now is it?

For those wishing to spend money on creating something for your needs whether digital, graphic or written, a tailored approach is the most appropriate solution. The Design Assassin can help you find ways to effectively stand out from the crowd instead of merely blending into the background.

Reliability is important on many levels. When you are service based, or whether you are a business or professional that customers and others are interested in doing business with or hiring, you need to be able to be counted on.

People are often looking for information on companies – whether this be simple contact methods, opening hours or more detailed objectives. Having an easily accessible point of information, such as a reliable web presence in one of the best ways of doing this.

If you sell online then you will fare better in sales by having a reliable ecommerce solution that can cope with things such as the influx of traffic spikes at sales times. You need a site that has the highest guaranteed uptime possible.

It is also important to have reliable information from your designer and tech resource to ensure that your needs are catered for and the project runs smoothly .

Having had a multitude of experience in a range of different creative streams, means that I’m able to offer up a range of creative solutions that are not limited to a narrow band of suggestions that one might otherwise get.

This gives me greater insight into how various ideas can work together more cohesively across the board. Handy for those particular projects that incorporate several areas of need, or promotional packages.

It also saves somewhat on having to outsource to more people when one source can accomplish what might often take several.

Such is technology at the present time that it can be used in so many exciting and time saving ways. A growing number of people are carrying mobile devices that allow them to be always connected. We are still at the dawning stages of The Internet of Things.

Technology can be used to make it easy for customers to interact with your company via apps (tablet, desktop and mobile). People can interact with you via social media more easily than ever. Cutting edge products can be connected and controlled with our devices. We can give people the control and choice they desire.

Technology is expanding the ways in which we all act, react and interact; at least taking the time to explore these capabilities or new technologies can put your product or company at the forefront of this exciting frontier.

More about us

Who we are

Artist / Creative.
Tech Geek.
Forward thinker.
Problem Solver.

This is a good starting point.

What we do

We create. We do whatever is needed. We also suddenly talk in the second person.

You can get more ideas about what can be achieved on the Services page.

Why we do it

Because I like art and creative challenges. I like to thrive on it.

Everything is art. Art impacts the world and can be utilised to change perceptions through tools like cleverly executed design and photography. It can create famed identities and go a long way in making a company recognisable and even successful.

Also nearly everyone who needs to promote their business, product or selves could use a well functioning identity, slick web presence, blog, social promotion or other creative solution.

Where we do it

Wherever is needed. Home is where the Art is.

It doesn’t matter where you are; that is the beauty of technology. I regularly work remotely for people based around the world.


Our Capabilities

Print Design 93%
Web Design 95%
Branding & Identity 85%
Project Management 87%
Marketing 83%

What our clients say about us

  • Lia goes above and beyond. If you don't understand something, she takes the time to explain it. Great for a non-techie like me...
  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the EXCELLENT support while setting things up and answering questions that I had.
  • Great work on our project! You gave us lots of input and ideas for things we hadn't even thought of. TY!