April 2011

Have added a few extra things to keep you happy whilst I attend to more urgent matters. Tired as I am, I have made an effort to do so as I abhor seeing bare pages that seem as if they are forever “Coming Soon” – call it a ‘pet hate’ of mine.

So mon chou et mon biquettes, I have added the Tech & Specs page which details file formats that are accepted for when artwork is generally sent. Aside from that I was able to sit up long enough to transfer a few example pages in the portfolio from the old galleries to the newer one. This is definitely a progressive task, and one that I cannot just sit and do all at once due to a number of factors beyond my control.

There has been a new look to the blog aswell in the past months as I reskinned it’s sullen face. Was getting a bit too ‘old hat’ for my liking. It may change once more however in coming months, as the continued use of older browsers mean some of it’s “fun & unique” features will be lost on those reading from older machines, therefore being pointless. And since I’m more about reaching audiences than alienating them, I may consider creating something slightly different. Let’s just see how it all pans out, m’kay?

Have yet to update all branding with the newer logo that is on a currently sitting on a drive whose motherboard decided it would kindly go on strike. So that will be coming at some point when Mr Fixit can fix it, cuz this time I certainly can’t.

So for all my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you are getting excited about the imminent Summer months. And for all the locals, I hope you will stay warm with me as we brace for another pending winter. Given that it has felt like it was starting early in the last week!? However I do love the colours of Autumn and the chance to snuggle up in bed to the sound of rain. Which I am about to do now…or is that the sound of a bathroom shower?


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