Artist’s Statement – Extended Version



piggybankMore value than your $2 peep show.
More bang for your buck.
mix ‘n’ scratch ‘n’ cut ‘n’ paste.
mix ‘n’ scratch ‘n’ cut ‘n’ paste.

Multi-tasking and originating.
Hatching ideas, incubating solutions, and actualising the better ones.
I do lots of things. And I would do a whole lot more if it weren’t for the restraints of time & the means of an endless cash flow – a sentiment many other artists I’m sure will relate to :)

paletteLike a creative buffet, I try not to restrict the scope of my concepts, or the choice of my media. A smorgasbord of versatility is the most beneficial way to nourish a hungry mind.

With an open mind and leftfield sense of humour, lots of my stuff is off-beat. But there is also a stash of the serious. A touch of darkness with a taste of the underlying truths that gnaw at the fabric of humanity in many other works. Conservatism plays its role too.

“In today’s modern world of wasteful über-consumerism, and techno-geekery, we Westerners are part of a society that is so far ahead of itself, yet still lags behind. A lot of my personal work is a stark comment on the demands of this bland “hyper-consumption”, the beauty of its transience, and the gluttony it breeds …blah, blah, blah-de-blah…”

Actually that is just the 30-second answer I’d start to critique it all with if I were put on the spot at art school. But I’m not, so truth be told, I do so many different things, ranging in style and medium, I can’t simply label it with one peeling sticker. Art imitates life (or was that “art irritates life”?), but so too does life imitate art, and more often these days.

“Lia the Artist :: Forever recontextualising common pieces of junk and thought. Original takes on common ideas.”

Many people have known me by association as someone who does merely one thing or another, while some have no idea.
Well it’s really hard to sum up in a nutshell and I ain’t about to try, Sweetcakes. I’ll give you the quick run down which is better than the 40-Mile Marathon …

Like the by-line often says: designer , illustrator ,  photographer , lacquerista , writer , artist / creative . This list is a good starting point.

Designer – goes hand-in-hand with my acute obsession of both art and digitised technology. It’s a progression from mastering the art of technology, to becoming a Master of the technological arts. I even design in my dreams.

Like others before me, I design lots of things like websites, digital and print media. The desire for design has at times extended into the fashion and interior design realms when requested.

Design is ‘not just some buttons in your Photoshop’ – it’s a skill and a way of life 🙂

Illustrator is a hat I wear often. It’s a snug fit for a personality who loves a bit of creative versatility.

The Lacquerista aspect began as an obsession in high school and later turned into an a side-project for extra cash. Luckily for me, the past several years has seen a boom in people daring to decorate their digits with unique nail art.
To me fingernails are like small canvasses waiting to be adorned with unique art and trendy design. I paint and customise for those who dare.

Freelance Photographer – trained with beginnings in artistic photography. I’ve been there, shot that and inhaled enough darkroom chemicals to power a country town. Printing my own long before the digital revolution where Instagram and a DSLR turned everyone into an apparent photographer.

The industrial jungle and the decrepit urban landscape are favoured themes for personal work. I enjoy creating highly polished visual scenes for projects that afford me the artistic licence to be a little outlandish.

Lacquerista – trained with skills in artistry, nail painting and nail art was a time-saving adaptation of self-expression; almost like painting on little canvases but in a fraction of the time.

What began in high school many moons ago and lurked always in the background when there was time, became an official side business, as the rest of the world outside of Japan finally cottoned onto the fun of nail art a handful of years ago.

I generally design, paint and create nail designs for use in nail art, for special occasions and for general wear. Usually as commissioned or pre-made for sale.

Being “Arty ‘n’ Farty” since childhood, I was churned out of the art school sausage-factory when I grew up. I don’t particularly belong to any single typical-art-stereotype. My head is more a mixed bag of creative ideas and a melting pot of innovation & concepts that meld.

I am better at some things than I am others, and have an extreme fascination with the eclectic. (I’m told that adequately reflects my headspace and personality).

Writing with or without wit, on a whim or with wanton, I have written with sparklers in the wind, and on napkins with sauce. I write fact; I write fiction; I write factual fiction. Poetry, prose, pretty pieces. Business-like and informative, to funny (or pieces merely imitating humour), the bent and bizarre.

I write articles, copy for ads & brochures, corporate stuff, party invites, eulogies (or eugoology for you Zoolanders), songs I don’t sing, monologues… oh the Humanity! The list could go on, but this passage is already sounding like the song that never ends !

“Creative Freak” is a term of endearment; this bucket catches the rest of the undefinable ‘whatevers’ that I choose to dabble in. Things I might just do once. Things I might do lots and have no name for. Intangible things. Things I dare to dream about doing and haven’t yet done. Experiments in art and sound.

I enjoy collaborating and seeing what transpires. There is great love in seeing the Final Product after you’ve worked hard on a project with other ideas in the mix. I love learning new things and new ways of doing old things. Part of the fun is in the discovery. New programs, new techniques, new technology. Bottom line is i love to feel & be inspired. And even inspire others back.

Ah. My life is a 4 dimensional collage.
Unlimited. Underrated. Unconventional. Unavoidable. And sometimes Unbridled.
My own little microcosmos of ‘all that and more’.

Put 2 & 2 together and you’ll probably get 5.
You can do the math on that one.